Configurar VPN RoadWarrior Client-Server

  1. Installed OpenVPN from software center,
  2. goto Gateway → OpenVPN roadwarrior
  3. Checked → Enable roadwarrior server
  4. choosed Username, password and certificate
  5. Mode → Routed mode
  6. Entered desired IP network for VPN
  7. Entered desired Netmask for VPN
  8. [advanced] → checked Push all static routes
  9. [advanced] → DHCP options → enter domain name and local DNS server IP
  10. [Connection parameters] → enter your external IP address / or external dns name
  11. After that I installed LDAP account provider
  12. created new user + password
  13. go back to Gateway → OpenVPN roadwarrior
  14. second tab → Roadwarriors account → Create new
  15. choosed System user → submit
  16. go back to Roadwarriors account → on user use Action and Downloaded listed files
  17. OpenVPN client on Windows/Linux works very well with that

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