Orden de los archivos y libreria

‘phpjasperxml/PHPJasperXML.inc.php’;//in this case, phpjasperxml is your submodule from github
include_once ‘../config/dbconfig.php’;


$PHPJasperXML = new PHPJasperXML(«en»,«TCPDF»); //if export excel, can use PHPJasperXML(«en»,»XLS OR XLSX»);


$PHPJasperXML->arrayParameter = array(‘para1’=>‘1’,‘para2’=>‘2’);

$PHPJasperXML->load_xml_file($report.‘.jrxml’); //if xml content is string, then $PHPJasperXML->load_xml_string($templatestr);

//$PHPJasperXML->sql = $sql; //if you wish to overwrite sql inside jrxml
$dbdriver=«mysql»;//natively is ‘mysql’, ‘psql’, or ‘sqlsrv’. the rest will use PDO driver. for oracle, use ‘oci’
$PHPJasperXML->transferDBtoArray($GLOBALS[‘dbhost’] ,$GLOBALS[‘userdb’] ,$GLOBALS[‘passdb’] ,‘south2018’,$dbdriver);

//$PHPJasperXML->outpage(‘I=render in browser/D=Download/F=save as server side filename according 2nd parameter’,’filename.pdf or filename.xls or filename.xls depends on constructor’)

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